Winter’s Warmth

Look at starsThey say

Follow your dreams 

they say
But my dreams

Are fleeting with the winter’s warmth
I saw a shooting star for the first time

I wished you’d still be here with me

Marveling like I did when we began
In my dreams we began

Again and again

We began

We begin
If I followed 

Like they said

If I marveled like we did
I’d set sail

I’d set sail

And never come back again


The distance



Digital love

And the never ending chase
I’m a lover and a fighter

Today, yesterday, and tomorrow 

I’ll wage war on war

With love trumping hate

How did we get here?

Oh, how in the hell did we get here?
We strive to forgive

But never forget

Because our scars still show

Our mirrors still broken

From that moment when I thought we’d make it
Let’s fly ourselves 

like the kites

Side by side

In the open sky 

Where the pain will never reach

Where the past can never catch us

And when we come down

We come down like the rain

And wash it all away
This is where we begin


Recycled bones

Recycle your bones
So they won’t break
Recycle your bones

So they can’t get to your heart

This time
The water speaks to me

With words so elegant 

I can’t describe 

I can’t explain
Help me assess the situation

We were so far

We’ve made it so far
I don’t want to lose this growth

For everything I once owned
I don’t want to lose this growth

Because you stole the whole damn thing

I can still feel it beating
I can make it

Just one more hill to climb

Just one more beautiful waterfall to find
Just one more time
With my recycled bones

Time Travelers 

Shame It knows our names
It knows our dreams

Our aspirations 

It shines light on the body count 

Of our hearts

Making a mausoleum right behind our very own closet door 

I travel through time

Back to the past

When I first saw your eyes

To moment I had with you last

I dream of those moments

Like a graphic novel

Wishing so badly the end would change

I wish it would change

It will always be that summer in my heart

In my dreams


Shade my eyes
Because I don’t want to see

I want to believe
There’s line between

A cloud above

And ground below

To show who and where you ought to be

As well as who and where you are today 
I’ll never speak of it again

If you swear you meant it

I’ll never dream it

If you’d just let me down for good
Cut the ties 

And throw out the lies

So we can breathe without machines

So we can see with our own eyes

Our own perspective 

Our own lives


It’s nights like these

Where I contemplate 

Who I am, where I’ve been

My own morality compromised 

My own mirror disguised

I don’t know me


Put on a happy face

Everyone’s watching

Sell it so they won’t know

Sell it so it won’t show
I did this to myself

Pain is no excuse

I look for cures

In all the right people

In all the wrong places
I’m a no good man

With filthy hands

I’m a no good man

With ill intentions

I don’t want to be anymore
Who the hell am I anyways?


Keep your clothes on, dear- I want to see what’s underneath your skin and bone-What makes up your heart and soul
I want to know how you tick -Like clocks 


-Timeless –
I want to control

Show myself I can do this

After being in the dark so long

So long


Be still

Be warm
I swear darling-I won’t cause you no harm

Be still be warm
Let’s keep on all our clothes 

I just want your naked heart

Naked soul