RIP 2016

Here comes the New YearReady, aim, fire
To take away the past

The moments that’d never last

The tears that we’ve cried

The times we felt alive
Somebody once said

That these days are dead

And gone

Live for today

To hell with yesterday 
Here comes the New Year



Maybe this year

We’ll find out way

Maybe this time

We’ll be fine

Maybe this year

You’ll be mine
Here comes my year


Winter’s Warmth

Look at starsThey say

Follow your dreams 

they say
But my dreams

Are fleeting with the winter’s warmth
I saw a shooting star for the first time

I wished you’d still be here with me

Marveling like I did when we began
In my dreams we began

Again and again

We began

We begin
If I followed 

Like they said

If I marveled like we did
I’d set sail

I’d set sail

And never come back again