It’s nights like these

Where I contemplate 

Who I am, where I’ve been

My own morality compromised 

My own mirror disguised

I don’t know me


Put on a happy face

Everyone’s watching

Sell it so they won’t know

Sell it so it won’t show
I did this to myself

Pain is no excuse

I look for cures

In all the right people

In all the wrong places
I’m a no good man

With filthy hands

I’m a no good man

With ill intentions

I don’t want to be anymore
Who the hell am I anyways?



Keep your clothes on, dear- I want to see what’s underneath your skin and bone-What makes up your heart and soul
I want to know how you tick -Like clocks 


-Timeless –
I want to control

Show myself I can do this

After being in the dark so long

So long


Be still

Be warm
I swear darling-I won’t cause you no harm

Be still be warm
Let’s keep on all our clothes 

I just want your naked heart

Naked soul