Breathing in a new moment

I see that the others are fleeting

It’s all the same to me
Surrounded by clouds and crowds

Waiting patiently

For the right time

To say

To speak the sounds

Of my soul
A dialect only you’ll comprehend

Take into consideration

I’ve always wanted to hear you say it back




I stand

Alone in the water

Striving to keep it

Below my shoulders
I sing like I once knew 

These waves will carry me away 

To a place I know peace and reassurance 
I smell the fire

That burns deep

Deep in my bones
I see the shadows underneath 

Swimming with lost dreams

Lost loves

But I know they weren’t meant to be

They weren’t for me 
That sweet melody

It rings

My ears taking in the calm

After the storm has passed
We’re laid to rest

And dust we will be once more

Like whence we came 
And we’ll rise to the sky

Like smoke

Burning out like we were made to
We’ll spell out love one last time 


Nothing ever lastsIt’s more clear to me now than ever

All I wanted

Was for you to stay
Just a little more effort

Your words mean everything
I unraveled like the dead

I came out of my tomb for you

I felt safe

I felt your gaze that night

When you first thought what if

I felt you cared

I thought we shared that sentiment 
Every detail of my being came to question

Every flaw exposed

I thought I was safe
All I wanted

Was for you to stay
Nothing ever lasts

Burying myself deep again

Continue the vicious cycle

For another to dig me up

Just to let me down

It’s never ending 
Another notch on this scarred heart

Another hurt to feel

Another one who’d steal it again and again and again
When does it end?
All I wanted

Was for you to stay

Nothing ever lasts