Beautiful Words for No One:nextphaseofhealing

I never thought I’d miss the sound of your breath 

The way you tossed

The way you turned 

Or the way you laughed

But then you left
You left me with everything and nothing all at once
You don’t know

You don’t even know 
And God, I’ve missed you 

And I miss the mountains

That held me close

Like I once did for you
For once I’d like to know how it feels to win

To win and to not have to fight for my heart again
But here I am 

Almost 1000 miles away writing you a letter you’ll never read

And I’ll never sing a single syllable of it out loud but I’ll think about it all the time
It’d go a little bit like this
I’m not afraid of the dark, I’m afraid of what I can see

I still feel you

With every step I take
I feel you everywhere
And I’d give all my organs twice just to make sure you’d survive 

Most importantly, my heart so it could beat for you again
You always haunt my dreams


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